Low Impact Great Crested Newt Licence

Earlier this summer Jeremy became one of the first Registered Consultants in respect of Natural England’s Great Crested Newt Low Impact Licensing Scheme.

The scheme aims to reduce the licensing burden for developers in situations where impacts to great crested newts and their habitat are considered to be small scale.  According to Natural England,  ‘the concept of ‘Registered Consultants fits with the work Natural England is undertaking to explore further potential for expanding ‘Earned Recognition’ into the licensing system. The use of ER is based on an applicant providing evidence that they have gained sufficient GCN relevant experience and skill set to achieve a threshold of competency which would allow Natural England to trust them to perform certain licensable activities under a Class Licence. The level of experience and skill required to become a Registered Consultant for this GCN Low Impact Class Licence is greater than that to become a ‘Named Ecologist’ on an individual GCN mitigation licence.’